Chalice’s 2023 Gratitude Tree

We welcomed 2023 by sharing some of our gratitudes on a communal (online) gratitude tree. You can view the original tree here. We’ve compiled the gratitudes below (gathered on January 11).

Grateful for Sharon’s ability to make each Sunday service meaningful, and for all the exquisite and talented friends we have come to know and […]

President’s Message for October 2021

Pamela Rutledge writes the following in the journal, Psychology Today:


“When organizations, causes, brands or individuals identify and develop a core story, they create and display authentic meaning and purpose that others can believe, participate with, and share. This is the basis for cultural and social change. This is a skill worth learning.”


What is the core […]

Rev. Sharon Wylie – Minister’s Message for October 2021



As you have noticed, we are not worshipping in-person yet. We are still working on figuring out the technology, which is complicated. UU congregations across the country are sharing resources and learning together on Facebook. We are not the only congregation working on this, and we are not the only congregation that doesn’t have it […]

Rev. Sharon Wylie – Minister’s Message – June 2020

Sent to the congregation via email on May 30.

The public and horrifying death of George Floyd while in police custody this week has prompted protests around the country. If you are paying attention, and I hope you are, there is much to read, see, hear, learn, and think about.

Some of the protests have included acts […]

President’s Message – May 2020

Did you know that Chalice’s Board of Trustees maintains an annual calendar to keep track of various governance activities? Some of these activities are mandated by our bylaws or policies while others are more by tradition. I mention this as the starting point for one of our recent Board adventures in this time of COVID19 […]

President’s Message – April 2020

Dear Future Generations,

This letter is addressed to the future curious and is meant to be a history of our experience with this COVID-19 event. At the end of this letter you will find a link where you can add your own observations.

March 24, 2020 – It’s been 11 days since our household has shifted to […]

President’s Message – February 2020

In 1971 D.J. Les Crane recorded these beautiful words inscribed on the wall of Saint Paul’s Church in Baltimore in 1692. The recording peaked at #8 on the Billboard chart in 1972.

Go placidly amid the noise and the haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible, without surrender, be […]

Rev. Sharon Wylie – Minister’s Message for February 2020

In our January 19 service in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the reading before the sermon was from Ibram X. Kendi, author of the book How to be an Antiracist. After the service, one of our congregants told me about reading Kendi’s book in a book club of mostly white women, and some […]