President’s Message for October 2021

Pamela Rutledge writes the following in the journal, Psychology Today:


“When organizations, causes, brands or individuals identify and develop a core story, they create and display authentic meaning and purpose that others can believe, participate with, and share. This is the basis for cultural and social change. This is a skill worth learning.”


What is the core story of Chalice?  I believe our core story should be the basis of our mission statement.  We need to look at this core story. Why are we here?  What is most important in what we do?  What are our goals?


Once we can clearly identify our core story or our mission, we will “create and display authentic meaning and purpose”. Knowing our mission will guide us in our purpose.


When we live our ideals and pursue our true goals “others can believe, participate with, and share” them with us.  People will join our cause, join our church.


This is the basis for cultural and social change.  We can make a difference.


It all starts with our core story which is represented by our mission statement.


Some of us have gone through the process of developing a mission statement.  We did it 13 years ago.  The process of creating the statement necessitates developing our core story.  Just reading the statement that was written years ago is not the same as being a part of this process.  There is no ownership nor value in just reading a statement.  The value is in developing it, writing it and living it.


I think it is time we once again find our core story and put it in words together.

Please talk to the Outreach team and help them and us by inviting your friends and family to tune in on Sundays or to join the book club or eat out with the Cracker Barrel folks or be active in any of the myriad groups we provide.

With much love for our congregation,