Your children are welcome to worship!

Generally, children in Religious Education begin by attending the first part of service. After the opening and some music, there is a story read as part of our “Story for All Ages.” After the story, the children leave together for RE classes. If you would prefer, your children are welcome to remain with you in the chapel. Read more about what to expect on Sunday morning.

Once a month we have multigenerational worship services. Children remain in the chapel for the entire worship service, and religious education classes are not held. These services are designed to be experiential, with more movement, singing, and ritual than other Sundays. Nursery care is available for younger children.

file000126098408Worship is a time set apart to consider things of worth and value; a time for the gathering of our church community; and, a time to come home to ourselves.

Children are valued members of faith communities and are welcome in worship. Just like adults, they learn by doing and experiencing first-hand. Whether they understand everything that happens or not, young people will absorb bits and pieces, as well as the sense of being valued and welcome.

For children (and people of any age) who find it challenging to sit still through the service, here are some suggestions:


  • Bring a “fidget bag” of pipe cleaners, small containers of play-doh, puzzles, crayons, small drawing paper, and the like.
  • Settle younger children in as early as possible, and consider sitting near the front so they can see better and feel more involved.
  • Look at the order of service together and help younger children understand what is happening. Feel free to whisper instructions to help children learn “worship etiquette.” It’s okay for children to sit on the floor in front of the first row of chairs.
  • Talk about the service on the way home or over dinner on Sunday night. Look for opportunities to relate what was said or done in the service to daily life.

— Adapted from the Oak Ridge Unitarian Universalist Church