Sunday worship is the shared spiritual practice of our community, and attending on Sunday is often the first step in finding out if Chalice is the place for you. But that’s just the first step! The deeper connections come by getting more involved: volunteering time, finding care and support, and finding a small group activity.

There are many activities happening at Chalice! Explore the pages in this section to learn more, and contact the office with questions.

Play and Sing: choir, handchimes, theater groups
Eat and Chat: regular social meal groups
Do and Discuss: letter writing, book groups, craft groups
Enjoy Special Events: auction, annual church camp in June

Neighborhood Groups

In addition to our interest groups, all Chalice members and friends are invited to join their local neighborhood group, based on geographical location. Each group determines for itself how often they meet and what they do together (some groups meet for discussion, some for meals, etc.). If you attend Chalice regularly but haven’t been contacted about joining a neighborhood group, please let our Office Administrator know.

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