• All Chalice rooms have free-standing HEPA air purifiers that must be turned on while the room is being used.

To Reserve a Room:

Calendar Colors

  • Blue = Zoom activities (open to new people)
  • Green = In-person activities (open to new people)
  • Purple = Religious education classes for children and youth
  • Red = Cancelled meetings
  • Brown = Meetings for church business
  • Yellow = UUA Denominational Gatherings

Room Codes

Note: a plus sign (+) means the meeting is hybrid—both in person and online.

  • (B) Blue Room
  • (Y) Yellow Room
  • (G) Green Room
  • (RR) Rainbow Room
  • (FL) Fireside Lounge
  • (CY) Courtyard
  • (CG) Cottage
  • (CH) Chapel