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President’s Message for September 2021

One of the goals for the Board this year is as follows. “Support the Outreach team to make Chalice more visible to the outside Community and encourage growth, with a goal of diversifying membership”


Our current membership at Chalice includes 130 members, 9 non-voting members, 5 member emeritus and 39 pledging friends, totalling 183. According to […]

Rev. Sharon Wylie – Minister’s Message for September 2021

One of the things I will always remember about the pandemic is what it is like when what we want to know is still unfolding. Over and over again we’ve said, “we’ll know more soon” and “we’ll know more in a month.”

Last month I wrote that there was talk of booster shots. One month later, […]

Minister’s Message for August, 2021

In early June, I emailed the congregation (members, friends, and others who attend regularly) to ask about your vaccination status, Of the 230 people I emailed, I got 143 responses, some of whom answered for themselves and people not on my email list (so the numbers don’t add up exactly, as you’ll see).

Of the 143 […]

President’s Message for August, 2021

Do you know what our mission statement is here at Chalice?

Let me see if I can tell you without looking it up. Open doors, open hearts, open minds,…and then something about seeking justice to the wider world.

I remember when we, as a congregation, created it. I remember really enjoying the process.  Except the long discussion […]

Rev. Sharon Wylie – Minister’s Message for July, 2021

For over a year, I have been living with fear and anxiety as a constant presence in my life. Now, the fear and anxiety are lessening. Which should be wonderful, yes?

But now there is an emptiness where the fear and anxiety were. And the emptiness feels unpleasant.

This is why people drink, I think. Or gamble […]

First Step to Reopening

The Coordinating Team has been researching how other congregations are handling the gradual reopening of their campuses in light of new CDC guidelines. Based on our discussions, we are adapting (not adopting full-fledged) the model First UU Church of San Diego is using.


Regarding vaccination:

We strongly encourage everyone to get vaccinated if they are able to […]

Job Opening for Office Administrator

Reports To: Senior Minister

Status: Half-time Hourly (26 hours)

FLSA: Non-exempt



Chalice Unitarian Universalist Congregation is a mid-size congregation with approximately 200 congregants. The Office Administrator position has a few weekly and monthly responsibilities, and then lots of other little tasks that need to be done occasionally and as-needed.



The Office Administrator is the primary person responsible for […]

Violence against APIA people

Beloved Chalites,

If you are not aware, a white man in Atlanta shot and killed eight people yesterday, including six Asian women. The shooter is in custody.

This violence comes as violence against Asian and Pacific Islander Americans (APIA) is on the rise. As President Biden noted in his address to the nation last week, “Asian Americans…have […]

Learn About Our Online Auction!

The New Year is here and it’s time for the Annual Chalice Auction fundraiser. This year, for the first time, the auction will be held entirely online. It will be a new and exciting adventure.

The auction opens for bidding on Sunday, February 7 at 12 noon and ends on Sunday, February 14 at 9 PM. […]

Please Join in Our Water Ritual

In this pandemic time, you are invited to participate in a communal but solitary water ritual. Bring a small amount of water from your home.


If you live outside Escondido or are otherwise unable to get to the Chalice campus, simply find a spot of earth near your home.
At our Chalice campus in Escondido, find the […]