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Please Join in Our Water Ritual

In this pandemic time, you are invited to participate in a communal but solitary water ritual. Bring a small amount of water from your home.


If you live outside Escondido or are otherwise unable to get to the Chalice campus, simply find a spot of earth near your home.
At our Chalice campus in Escondido, find the […]

Canned Food Drive for ICS

Drop off canned or dried goods at the Chalice campus any time in September for donation to Interfaith Community Services.

Recommended Reading from the Transformation Team

As we begin our work together to dismantle White Supremacy, we invite and encourage the Chalice Congregation to read two informative and challenging books.

We will begin with White Fragility, written by a white professor Robin DiAngelo for white people. Jonathan Capehart, in a recent article in the Washington post titled “Dear White People, Please Read White […]

Job Opening: Congregational Administrator

Open Position Posted: July 22, 2020

Position Title: Congregational Administrator

Reports To: Senior Minister

Status: Half-time Hourly (22 hours)

Start Date: August 10, 2020 (negotiable)

Application Deadline: August 5, 2020



The Congregational Administrator is the primary person responsible for ensuring that the business affairs of the congregation are conducted in an effective and ethical manner, is responsible for the smooth operation […]

Transformation Team Update

(Mission: Through education, self-reflection, and social action, the Transformation Team will assist the congregation to identify and dismantle white supremacy culture and racism at Chalice and the world.)
During last Sunday’s Worship Service, Reverend Sharon and the Team urged congregants to take the Implicit Association Test at It […]

Transformation Team Video Request

The Transformation Team made a request of Chalice congregants during our July 19 Sunday worship. You can watch their video here:



You can watch the entire worship service, “Comfortable with Discomfort,” here:


Introducing the Transformation Team!

Helping Chalice Respond to White Supremacy and
Support the Black Lives Matter Movement 

In response to a call to work on white supremacy culture from Rev. Sharon, the UUA Commission on Institutional Change, Black Lives UU, and many members of color in our faith, four Chalice members began the formation of the Transformation Team in […]

Rest in Peace, Steven Withers

Steven Withers has been one of Chalice’s Sunday worship musicians since 2016. We have just learned that he died unexpectedly on May 2, apparently from a heart attack. We will miss him. We will miss his smiling face. We will miss his music.

Steven Withers

Steven Withers grew up in the Point Loma area of San […]

Tips for Attending Sunday Coffee Hour

Attending Sunday worship on Zoom means you need to see and hear what’s happening—fairly simple for anyone who is comfortable watching videos on YouTube or other places online.

Attending coffee hour on Zoom means that other people need to hear—and hopefully see—YOU. A bit trickier.

If you need to set up Zoom on your computer, follow the […]

Tips for Leading a Zoom Meeting

Review the instructions for meeting attendees first.

Who Schedules and Who Hosts

Someone involved with the meeting needs to have a professional (i.e., paid for) Zoom account. Rev. Sharon has an account, and several Chalice congregants have purchased their own accounts. There is no need for everyone to have a paid account. Contact Rev. Sharon about […]