President’s Message for March 2023

Pardon our mess! It seems that during the installation of the patio shade sails, a gas line and a water line to the Chapel were broken. This has slowed down the installation of the sails and has prolonged the mess on the patio. With the help of John Schulz (yes, the composer of “You are Welcome Here” and “The Well”), we are moving forward with the repairs and we hope to complete the installation and get back to normal operation soon. I am truly thankful that we are blessed with congregants who rise to the occasion when help is needed. Thank you, John.  And thank you to the Coordinating Team that does so much to keep Chalice moving forward every day.


Many of us have noticed the lack of flags and banners on our campus that represent our values and mission statement. The Board is working to develop policies to display these items on our campus. Hopefully, we will soon have a colorful campus that reflects our values and makes our visitors feel welcome even before they open their car doors.


The Auction, our biggest fundraiser of the year, is happening this month. Besides raising money for the Chalice operating fund, it is a great community building event. I encourage you all to participate, have fun, get to know your fellow congregants, and raise a little money for Chalice. Oh, and I heard there may be a few valuable antique clocks for auction!


Inspire, Connect, Act.


Tom Carlstrom, Board President