Chalice’s 2023 Gratitude Tree

We welcomed 2023 by sharing some of our gratitudes on a communal (online) gratitude tree. You can view the original tree here. We’ve compiled the gratitudes below (gathered on January 11).

Grateful for Sharon’s ability to make each Sunday service meaningful, and for all the exquisite and talented friends we have come to know and care about. ~ Jan

I am grateful no one tells me what to believe.

I am grateful to be among those who share similar values.

I am grateful for Tim’s series on black composers during our online services.

I am grateful for the singers, instrumentalists, tech crew, Rev. Sharon, and everyone else that helped to make the Christmas Eve service a very special evening.

Grateful for so much! Access to the combined wisdom of this community, opportunities for engaging activities shared with congenial people, providing insights and inspiring examples — all as described in our new mission statement. ~ Bonnie P

Thankful for support for my family from Chris, who my kids looked forward to seeing every Sunday. Very grateful for her care and compassion these many pandemic months.

I am grateful to be able to once again be a part of the Chalice community, grateful for Rev. Sharon and Tim and all of the beautiful people who make this congregation the loving and caring home that is. ~ Jessica

I am really grateful for all the knowledge I find at Chalice. Everyone is such a wonderful community of experience, expertise, knowledge, caring, sharing, nurturing, and loving people.

I am grateful we are able to listen to live music each Sunday. Tim and Justin are amazing musicians.

I am grateful for my long history with our Chalice community, that allows me to feel part of something grounding even when I am away. ~ Kathy Z

I am grateful for the passing of the 8th principle this last year at Chalice and look forward to making this have deep meaning for us. ~ Anne

Sally and I are grateful we adopted the 8th Principle last June deepening our commitment to build a multicultural Beloved Community. ~ Dennis

I am grateful for Chalice’s COVID precautions and accommodations and for the fact that I don’t feel judged at Chalice for continuing to isolate and mask.

I am grateful when events are outdoors.

Grateful for our minister, for our shared values of human worth, kindness and giving; quest for knowledge and growth; community love and support, and the social justice work we do. ~ Barry and Nancy

I am so grateful for the return of live music at Chalice. ~ Callie L

I am grateful for the Transformation Team.

I’m so grateful for the RE community that was led by Chris so skillfully these past years. The social and emotional support that she provided the families has brought a community of loving and caring parents and kids together. We feel blessed to be a part of it. ~ Leslie A

I am grateful for the return of the chalice choir and other live special music during service. I am also grateful to see all of our children and youth enjoying themselves at church!

I’m grateful for the Buddhist meditation group that welcomes all women.

I am grateful to be able to participate in a welcoming community that recognizes the challenges of navigating the pandemic. Chalice is a very beautiful and spiritual place, and I am happy to be part of it.

Really thankful for the experience that is Chalice. The acceptance, the message, the music, all these moments make this a most welcoming group of those who quest for knowledge, truth and love. ~ Julie and John

Deeply grateful for the Wednesday men’s group and for the wealth of musical talent, especially Tim, Tom, and the voice and chimes choirs, examples of the many Human Resources given to us by the Chalice community !

Grateful for this community that supports and sustains me. ~ Dean

I like the uplifting sermons.

I’m grateful for Carly’s leadership of the Haven House serving.

It was deeply sustaining to be held by my fellow Chalites when I was saddened by the events of gun violence earlier this year. Support and love means so much to me and my family.

Grateful for the greeters, who always go out of their way to welcome me when I arrive for service. It sets such a welcoming tone…

I am grateful for a community of people who are always trying to be better and do better and make the world a better place.

There is so much to be grateful for at Chalice: the women’s buddhist meditation group; all of our teams taking on special projects; our leadership, with outstanding Admin Asst, Board, financial person; Chalice’s fantastic music program; people staying for social time on the patio after every event; the refreshment and cleanup people, the successful power the future campaign; the fiber arts and games groups, other special interest groups, the caring in each and every heart.

I’m grateful for Sharon’s kind compassionate leadership.

I am grateful to Deborah Morton for all of her years of artistry as our Chancel Choir accompanist.

I was grateful for Tim teaching us about the Chevalier de Saint-Georges in the Black Composers series. ~ Kate V

I am grateful to be serving my beloved Chalice community once again.

So grateful to remain connected to the Chalice community virtually! Not yet ready to return in person but I enjoy all the services and Rev Sharon’s messages, and enjoy seeing the seats filling up. What a beautiful group of loving and caring people! Glad, too, that the choir and hand chimes are back, as well as our other fabulous musicians who are performing live! Thank you, Rev. Sharon and Chalice folk!

I’m grateful for Bonnie’s welcoming presence.

Grateful for all the kindness I see in the Chalice community.

I’m grateful for this welcoming community and to be part of a larger organization that is not afraid to look in the mirror and work to change when change is needed. ~ John S

Grateful for wonderful memories made this year with Chalice friends.

I’m grateful for a fun playground for our kids to play and be joyful with each other.

I am grateful that Chalice passed the Eighth Principle.

I am grateful to be in a community that actively values each individual and the collective. ~ Victoria C

I’m grateful for services in person again and for being able to sing in the choir again. ~ Susan S

I’m grateful for the meditation group and book club. Such wonderful insights from such wise women.

Thanks and gratitude to the Chalice Chimers who practice with diligence and dedication and challenge themselves to be their very best while having fun at the same time. The music you make goes beyond just our ears.

Chalice is a big part of my life in many ways, I don’t know where I would be if I hadn’t found you. Fabulous people, so many incredible diverse talents in so many ways and a loving, caring community. I am blessed to be a part of it.

I really appreciate how Peter always makes coffee for us.

Grateful for this joyful community! ~ Rev. Sharon