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After worship: Prayer of confession

This is the prayer of confession shared during this morning’s service. It originates from First Church in Jamaica Plain Unitarian Universalist, where it was written by Rev. Terry Burke. It has been subsequently revised by Rev. Elizabeth Bukey, and revised again by Rev. Sharon Wylie.

Prayer of … read more.

After Worship: Music Shapes Us

I preached about the power of music last Sunday, and had fun leading you in singing “if you’re happy and you know it, sing a song!” and “if your neighbor sings badly, that’s ok!” I truly believe making music is an important part of being … read more.

After Worship: Martin Luther King Sunday


This morning’s sermon was challenging, I know. I’m grateful to serve a congregation where the minister can offer a challenging sermon and be thanked. Several congregants told me I gave them a lot to think about, which is all I hope for from a sermon.


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After Worship: Forgiveness and Yom Kippur

Several of you asked me to post the prayer I shared at this morning’s service on forgiveness and Yom Kippur. It is:

I hereby forgive all who have hurt me, all who have done me wrong, deliberately or by accident, whether by word or by deed. … read more.