After Worship: Martin Luther King Sunday


This morning’s sermon was challenging, I know. I’m grateful to serve a congregation where the minister can offer a challenging sermon and be thanked. Several congregants told me I gave them a lot to think about, which is all I hope for from a sermon.


This morning I encouraged congregants to read a recent New York Times opinion piece by George Yancy called “Dear White America.” There are over 2000 comments to this letter.

I also talked about Robin DiAngelo’s article on “White Fragility.”

And here is Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail,” most of it as relevant today as when he wrote it in 1963.


One response to “After Worship: Martin Luther King Sunday

  1. I was not present for the talk, but I have read Dear White America. I think this article is fantastic. I’m impressed with the writers bold honesty and examples. I think his preparations to help us “hear” what he is saying is incredibly honorable and for the greater good. He clearly told in such a way as for people to truly hear and see the validity and plea for all of to own up. I was touched at how he spoke in a nonthreatening way about a topic that everyone is threatened by. Hes encouraging awareness, to learn more and get behind the redundant statements, attacks, & defenses. I cheer a new dialogue. I know that equality and respect can’t be legislated. Laws don’t change perceptions and the undercurrent of talk and behavior. His call for legitimate soul searching and awareness at the base of racism, sexism, etc are lay deeper within us. There is often the suggestion that those issues are behind us rather than understanding that its only a fantasy to think these issues would be gone by now. Yes, we have progress but we are on the tip of the iceburg.
    I am so grateful to read this becausw its a great starting point for paradigm shift and soul growth. I see so much potential for us as humans in this light. Spewing headlines, making judgements and taking sides isn’t where growth happens. This article is fabulous and gives me hope.

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