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After Worship: Don’t Look Away

Apologies that it took a while to get this blog post up; we’ve had website problems this week…

In my November 13 sermon (listen to it here), I invited congregants to take on three tasks in the immediate future:

Maintain your connections with people who disagree with you politically. Don’t “unfriend” people on Facebook, and […]

From Rev. Elizabeth: Stories of Compassion

From the Minister of Congregational Life

Hearing a crying baby gets my attention. It gives me a visceral feeling of “oh no!” and a compulsion to do something about it: to bounce it up and down, to find its parent, to do something to answer its cry.

Compassion is related to that feeling. It has to do […]

Spirit Study Resources to Develop a Daily Spiritual Practice (December)

Voluntary Simplicity: Daily Spiritual Practice

December 6 Sermon “Find a Stillness
Challenge: A minimum of five minutes a day of prayer, meditation, journaling, or sitting in silence. DAILY.
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About Prayer

My advice: Don’t overthink it. Don’t over-analyze it. Don’t worry about it. Find a quiet spot […]

After Worship: Mindful Eating

Food and eating is such an enormous topic, it could be its own 10-part sermon series. I was glad to hear so many of you connected with the particular slice of this topic (haha, “slice,” get it?!) we chewed on today.

In this morning’s sermon, I referenced the New York Times article, “The Extraordinary […]

Introducing Spirit Study!

Beloved Community,

I am so excited to tell you about a program we’re starting this year, called “Spirit Study.”

Spirit Study is a 10-month invitation to learning, practice, and reflection. Our 2015-16 study topic is voluntary simplicity, the rejection of consumerist, materialist values in favor of choosing less and slower and minimal.

Our study year runs from September […]