Approved by the Board of Trustees, October 13, 2015

Email communications utilizing the congregation database may be used to announce major activities or news of the congregation. Congregation-wide emails are only to be sent by the Senior Minister or the Office Administrator.

Congregation-wide email communications occur regularly:

  • The e-nuus is sent out weekly and has a publicly identified deadline
  • The “Roots and Branches” email with UU events outside of Chalice is emailed monthly
  • The newsletter is emailed monthly

Because regularly scheduled opportunities exist for announcements, the use of congregation-wide emails outside of these regular communications shall be rare.

Congregation-wide emails are reserved for communication regarding the most important Chalice events or news. Such emails must be relevant to a majority of the congregation and be:

  • Time sensitive (i.e., unable to wait for the weekly e-nuus) OR
  • A pastoral or justice-centered message from the Senior Minister OR
  • A message or announcement approved for sending by the Coordinating Team

Please note: Failure to advertise an event or to meet the deadline for getting an announcement into the e-nuus does not subsequently make an announcement time sensitive.

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