Adopted by the Board of Trustees, October 2012

The well-being, strength, and reputation of our church depend on a sense of fellowship among the members, friends, and staff, a fellowship which thrives in an atmosphere of trust, respect, and cooperation. Within such an atmosphere, differences of opinion and their resolution through compromise or consensus can enhance a sense of community. However, differences or misunderstandings that go unresolved and descend into prolonged conflict can threaten the social fabric of our congregation. We expect that conflict will arise from time to time and that, when it does, its management and resolution are paramount. Therefore, in order to uphold our covenant with one another, we pledge to follow these practices when we find ourselves in disagreement:

  • We agree to approach our resolution of differences, not with preconceived outcomes or specific demands, but with open minds and open hearts.
  • We agree to talk directly with the person with whom there are concerns, and not to seek to involve others in “gossip” or “alliance building.”
  • We agree to make a sincere commitment to listen to one another, to try to understand the other person’s point of view.
  • We agree to focus on the issues, and not to attack the person with whom we disagree.
  • We agree to communicate face-to-face (best) or over the phone (if necessary), and not through email when there is a conflict or concern.
  • We agree that if we find ourselves in conflict that we are unable to resolve on our own, we will follow our congregation’s Conflict Resolution Policy in order to maintain the health of our community.
  • We agree that we will strive to preserve our congregation’s health by meeting with the Good Relations Committee if requested to do so.