If you have an event or announcement that you would like to submit for publishing in the weekly email “enUUs” (which goes out on Wednesday afternoons), please know:

  1. The weekly deadline for submissions is Wednesday morning at 10 a.m. to the Office Administrator at chaliceuuc@gmail.com.
  2. Announcements may run up to two times. Please include in your submission which dates you would like your announcement to run.
  3. Routine announcements that aren’t time-sensitive may run up to two times every three months.
  4. Include a title and paragraph with important information, such as: contact information; the date and time of the event; and a description of the event.
  5. You may also run one “Save the Date” announcement one month or more in advance of your event.
  6. Remember that the enUUs is specifically for events and announcements related to Chalice activities. Information that may be of interest to UUs at large can be submitted to our monthly Roots and Branches Newsletter.

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