Approved by the Board of Trustees, February 12, 2013

Sunday morning worship is the shared spiritual practice of the Chalice community, the central event in our communal life. There are three types of spoken announcements that may be included as part of worship:

  1. Announcements pertaining to worship (for example, a change in worship times) may be included during the welcoming words.
  2. Announcements that correspond to the theme of the day’s worship may be incorporated as part of the service (for example, a personal reflection about winter shelter).
  3. All other announcements may occur after the postlude.

In all cases, announcements must be approved by the Minister and coordinated with her in advance of Sunday morning. In the Minister’s absence due to vacation or study leave, announcements must be approved by the worship associate and coordinated in advance of Sunday morning.

Written announcements are included in the order of service under direction and coordination of the Chalice Administrator.

Written announcements from Chalice committees in the form of “flyers” may be handed out on Sunday morning with the order of service, but they may not be inserted into the order of service.


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