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New Sanctuary Movement

Misael Perez is a young man from Guatemala who now lives in Phoenix. Two years ago, he faced deportation after a traffic stop. While lawyers fought his case, he entered sanctuary at Shadow Rock UCC. He lived at the church for four months, until he … read more.

No Human Being is Illegal

photo by flickr user StephJBee78, used under creative commons

Language matters. Our words matter, and how we talk with one another matters. We know this, of course: think about learning that some words are “bad,” or how it feels when a coworker can … read more.

The Borderlands

Used under Creative Commons: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.0/Our church is in a border region, less than 50 miles from the U.S./Mexico Border. Writer Gloria E. Anzaldúa wrote that “the U.S. Mexican border es una herida abierta (is an open wound) where the Third World grates against the first … read more.

Filling the Well of Justice

We live in a time of drought. This drought is literal: our reservoirs are drying up and our landscape is drying out. The drought is also metaphorical: we live in a time of spiritual and moraldrought. Of oppression, of disconnection, of alienation. This “drought” is … read more.

Border Trip to Tijuana

UU Justice Ministry Border Trip to Tijuana – March 27-30, 2015

Discovering the Ravages of our Immigration Policy

By Chalice members Sally and Dennis Brown

We met Javier at Freedom Park located right on the border in Playa, Tijuana Mexico on Sunday morning. For 44 years, Javier … read more.