Educating Ourselves on Immigration

fix immigration now
by flickr user Light Brigading, used under creative commons license
Thank you so much for attending the October 25th seminar on the current immigration system. The immigrant justice task force looks forward to offering more seminars on immigration in the future, probably in January or February. In the meantime, we encourage you to keep educating yourself about the issue. Three books we recommend are:

We also encourage you to read this statement on “Immigration as a Moral Issue.” The Unitarian Universalist Association, of which we are a part, passed this statement after four years of discernment by UU congregations. Our congregations spent years studying, reflecting, and acting on immigration, and giving feedback to our denominational Commission on Social Witness. The result was this statement, which our delegates at General Assembly voted to approve. Chalice’s Immigrant Justice Team encourages you to read the full statement and discuss it with one another. In what ways do YOU think immigration is a moral issue?