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New Social Justice Policy

Watch this video about our new Social Justice Policy, which was drafted by Dennis Brown, Deb Coon, Jeff Heys, and Susan Spoto, along with Rev. Elizabeth:

A note from Rev. Elizabeth:
Rev. Sharon and Chalice congregants attending a City Planning Commission meeting in 2014.

When a faith community … read more.

Just the Way You Are

(note: this is adapted from my April 10 sermon “Just the Way You Are.”)

Many of us have a hard time truly believing that we are worthy of love, just the way we are. The dominant culture teaches us that we have to DO more, or buy … read more.

No Human Being is Illegal

photo by flickr user StephJBee78, used under creative commons

Language matters. Our words matter, and how we talk with one another matters. We know this, of course: think about learning that some words are “bad,” or how it feels when a coworker can … read more.

End of Economic Justice Task Force

After our social justice discernment in 2014, a small group of Chalice congregants met to think about our work on economic justice going forward. While we did some good envisioning of what economic justice work at Chalice could look like, we’ve come to realize we … read more.