How to Start a New Social Justice Action at Chalice

Greetings from Deb Coon, Dennis Brown, and Rev. Elizabeth, current co-chairs of the newly re-organized Social Justice Team! We see our role as empowering and overseeing social justice programs and actions here at Chalice. Do you have a social justice program, project, or specific action you would like to work on here? Great! Get several people together and go for it. Here’s how:

Members or Friends of the Chalice Unitarian Universalist Congregation may request formal recognition of a social justice action at Chalice by completing and submitting a Request Form to Initiate a New Social Justice Action. You can also find these in the “Social Justice Committee” mailbox at Chalice, or ask one of us. There are three categories of Social Justice Actions:

  1. Action of Immediate Witness: This is a one-time or short duration social justice action such as a rally, demonstration, petition drive or natural disaster requiring immediate response. A single individual can propose it.
  2. Social Justice Project: This is a social justice project usually lasting no more than one church year. A single individual can propose it.
  3. Social Justice Program: This is an on-going social justice action and continues year to year. A task force of at least three Chalice Members and Friends must lead it.

We will take a look at it and evaluate each request to verify whether it’s consistent with our mission, vision, long-range plans, and available resources; in line with UUA Principles and Purposes, does not endorse a candidate/party for elected office; and has clear and measurable goals.

If it looks good, you can go ahead and work on it at Chalice. We’ll check in with you periodically and want to hear how it’s going.

Please read the full procedure here.

We look forward to what’s in store.