Rev. Sharon Wylie

“A Crowd, A Mob, A Troupe”

American culture—and Unitarian Universalism—emphasizes and celebrates individualism. The challenges of our times are requiring us to think more as a collective. Let’s think about thinking differently!

“Blessing of the Animals”

This morning we will use the wonders of zoom technology to celebrate the animals in our lives. If you would like your pet to be blessed, please be prepared to be visible during the service. Please email photos of your deceased animal pets (one photo per pet) with your pet’s name to Rev. Sharon by […]

“What We’re Giving UP”

Learning about the history of white supremacy in the United States can be overwhelming and distressing. It is not always easy to let go of long-held illusions. This morning we’ll reflect on the challenges of letting go.

“Tending to Mental Health”

We are all of us living through an era of inordinate anxiety and stress. It is time for all of us to tend to our own mental health and to help friends and family tend to theirs. Today we’ll talk about what symptoms to be mindful of, how to care for ourselves, and when to […]

“Patterns in Nature”

Our Seventh UU Principle calls on us to “respect the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.” Living into the principle requires humility regarding the role of humans on earth and an appreciation for what we can learn from nature. This Sunday we will consider what humans can learn from fractals, […]

“Comfortable with Discomfort”

As protestors and activists call for change, it’s clear that racism has been more far-reaching and more insidious than many of us understood. We are being asked to imagine new ways of being and doing. Do those of us who have been comfortable all this time have the courage to make a change?

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