Rev. Sharon Wylie

“It’s Okay To Be Happy”

Bad news abounds. Terrible things are happening all over the globe. There is much to worry about as we look ahead. How do we make room for joy and laughter? This is the sixth in a 10-part series on resiliency, informed by the book The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.

“Jesus was Single”

It’s not easy being single in a world that assumes everyone is part of a couple (or wants to be). Our service today considers the surprising ways that expectations and assumptions of couplehood are conveyed. Today is our annual chocolate and berries service.

“Imbolc Blessings” All Church Service

Imbolc is the Neo-Pagan celebration of the earliest signs of spring, an observance that lives on in our modern Groundhog Day. At this morning’s service, we honor the goddess Brigid and celebrate her gifts of beauty and creativity.

No RE classes today. Childcare available in the nursery during both services.

“In Defense of Etiquette”

Manners, etiquette, and politeness have been all but abandoned as norms we aspire to. But many of the old “rules” may provide us some welcome help in navigating the challenges of new technologies.