June 5 Social Justice Offering

Our offering on Sunday, June 5, will benefit Casas de Luz (CDL). This organization, started as a project of the UU Fellowship of San Dieguito, builds houses and delivers donations to families in Tijuana. Since 2005, CDL has worked to give communities in Tijuana a starting point from which they can achieve their true potential. Casas de Luz started small building one home year, and spending the rest of the time fundraising and delivering donations. Since then CDL has grown exponentially. In 2015 alone CDL built eleven homes and delivered over 75 truck loads of donations. CDL began under the leadership of Kathy Faller who had previously done similar work through a couple of organizations. In 2005, in an effort to find a more inexpensive way to build homes Kathy went out on her own and created what eventually would become CDL. Today CDL is still an affiliate of UUFSD and appreciates all the support that they offer the organization.
(This information paraphrased from CDL’s website)

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