Seeking a Family Camp Coordinator

Chalice’s Family Camp at de Benneville Pines is scheduled for June 3-5. This is a weekend we share with First UU Church of San Diego.

Family Ministries Team is looking for someone to be the planning representative to work with First Church. There are usually 2-3 planning meetings which last about an hour. At those meetings planners decide the theme, schedule, and delegate the leadership of camp. Being on the planning team does not obligate you to take on leadership roles at the camp (though it is encouraged). Members of the planning team are asked to be the liaisons with their respective communities, helping to advertise the weekend. First Church has a fantastic registrar who handles most of the details like registration.

The first planning meeting will likely be Sunday March 6th in the afternoon. This first meeting will be hosted at First Church but after that, planners will either rotate locations between First and Chalice or find a central spot for the rest.

Please contact Rev. Sharon or Kathleen Swift, our Director of Family Ministries, if you are interested in filling this position.

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