February President’s Message

It is my great pleasure to announce that the Board of Trustees has approved Rev. Sharon Wylie’s sabbatical leave, starting this July 4th through October 30, 2016. This four-month leave, which will be Rev. Wylie’s time for rest, renewal, research, and reflection, will finish ahead of our renovation project’s construction start date. She will bring back to Chalice a renewed sense of purpose for our future, and reinvigorated spirit. Her leadership will be renewed and, thus, we will continue to be a beacon for those people seeking an oasis of liberal tolerance in our wider world.

We are also fortunate to have Rev. Elizabeth Bukey agree to be our sabbatical minister in Rev. Wylie’s absence. Rev. Bukey will continue to be our Minister of Congregational Life and in addition, will assume the role of sabbatical minister for those four months. The scope of her duties has yet to be determined but we do know that there will be much planning for that interval. Sincere thanks to Rev. Bukey for anchoring Chalice during this time.

Our renovation and construction plans are continuing to move through the important Planning Department at the City of Escondido. The construction start date now looks like the very end of this year (or early next year) to begin. Bob Nelson will have updates for us as we get closer to our ground-breaking time.

Next month, in March, there will be a series of seminars on Estate Planning and Successful Aging thoughtfully curated by our new Successful Aging Strategies Team. The programs will be held at Chalice at 10 am Tuesday and Thursday, March 15th and 17th, 22nd and 24th. Next month, I will share my own personal family experience with this topic and why I recommend this important information.

– Susan Spoto
Board President

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