November President’s Message

“Chalice is a place where there are no bullies” was the heartfelt response our second and third graders replied with as to why they liked coming to Chalice. Their honest answer brings tears of joy to my eyes. Our students feel safe from bullying, in the RE classrooms and at Chalice. I would love to know why many of you adults love coming to Chalice. Do you enjoy our wonderful and insightful worship services, programs and groups which bring you to Chalice? My belief is that each of you feels supported in your spiritual journeys, free from the pressures of daily life…and safe from bullies.

Our property has been annexed officially by the City of Escondido, which occurred on October 5th. We have been part of the community for 15 years, previously owning County of San Diego land for about the last 10 years, which now is part of the City of Escondido. We have worked towards human and immigration rights, and now we can feel that working for human rights will help our community. The UUA guiding 6th Principle states “the goal of world community with peace, liberty, and justice for all.” We can work for social justice with local goals of peace, liberty….and justice for all, in our north county world.

– Susan Spoto
Chalice Board President

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