June Message from Kathleen

I love serving as Chalice’s Director of Family Ministries! I get to work with great kids as well as talented and giving adults. The position allows me to work in areas of which I am already strong while offering me a chance to build in areas for which I need growth. And I can do this within the Chalice community, the community that gives me strength, love, and opportunities.

As I gather materials and reflect on the upcoming lessons for RE, I am struck by how similar so many of them are to what adults are listening to, learning, and sharing. For example, a recent session was titled: The Blessing of Imperfection. I’m sure that sounds familiar to you! Another upcoming lesson is about multigenerational community. Including children and youth into more of our community events is a goal identified by the Board, and one I am working on. I have adapted the lesson to include some input from our kids about their ideas on how we can make Chalice even more multigenerational.

In that spirit, I ask you the same questions. How can our children and youth be included in more of our events? As Director of Family Ministries, I am taking the lead on organizing family events. For example, on the morning of June 6th there is a family nature hike and potluck at Felicita Park. Just as important, though, is that we expand our inclusion of all age groups in our whole community. What could be changed to make Chalice events more “kid friendly”? Are there other activities we don’t do now that could be enjoyable for all ages? I encourage you to contact me with any of your ideas, comments, and suggestions. I need your help, because I definitely can’t do this alone!

As Jane Howard says: “Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family: Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.”

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