Rev. Sharon Wylie

“Who Tells the Story?” Multigenerational Service

Today our morning gatherings include a simple breakfast at 9 am, a 10 am service reflecting on the Christmas story as told in the four gospels of the Christian Bible, followed by coffee and conversation for those who would like to gather at 11 am. Childcare is not available this morning.
There is a special […]

“Waiting for”

In December we joyfully look ahead to holidays we know are coming But we live much of our lives in uncertainty, waiting and hoping for events that may not happen. How do we cope with so much uncertainty?
This is the fifth day of Hanukkah and the third Sunday of Advent.

“Community in the Digital Age”

The internet and social media have connected us as never before. But in many ways, we are also more disconnected than ever. How can both things be true? This is the fourth sermon in a 10-part series inspired by the book Active Hope by Chris Johnstone and Joanna Macy.
This is the first Sunday of […]

Chalice Soup and Founders Day

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on and to share our communal abundance, with special appreciation for our founding members. Canned goods for the Interfaith Community Services Food Pantry will be collected during the service, so please bring LOTS! Please bring vegetarian soup ingredients for our communal soup.

“The Wheel of the Year Turns to Autumn”

Multigenerational Service
Today, we observe our communal Water Ritual, where the blending of waters reminds us of our deep connections to each other. Please bring a small amount of water from your home or other place sacred to you (water will also be provided).

“Honoring Yom Kippur”

Yom Kuppur, which begins this year at sundown on September 29th, is considered the holiest day of the Jewish calendar, a time for reflection and asking for forgiveness. We honor this High Holy Day by considering how we might offer forgiveness to those who have hurt us the most. Join us for a Unitarian Universalist […]