Speaker: Rev. Elizabeth Bukey

“Mutual Care”

July 24–Rev. Elizabeth Bukey (video sermon)

“Mutual Care”

How do you express care for those you love? How do you receive rest and care? On this Sunday, we talk about burnout, stress, and the limitations of “self-care.”


Rev. Bukey was Chalice’s Minister of Congregational Life from 2014-2017. She … read more.

Sources and Goodbyes

9 & 11 AM
Unitarian Universalism draws on six sources of wisdom and our congregants have a wide range of beliefs about important religious questions. This morning we explore the beauty and challenges of our UU experiment: how can religious community be created among … read more.

Fire of Welcome

The Christian holiday of Pentecost uses images of fire to represent the presence of the Holy. Our UU denomination uses a cup of flame as its symbol. On this day we explore the origins of both traditions, and how we can honor the messages of … read more.


Most of us dislike change. But it’s also inevitable. On this Sunday, we explore how we address change and move into transformation.

Finding Compassion

All religions believe in compassion. This morning, we orient ourselves to the idea of compassion, and the ways in which cultivating compassion runs through humanity’s wisdom traditions. This is the first in our sermon series on Compassionate Living, inspired by Karen Armstrong’s book Twelve Steps … read more.

Something Greater

As our Muslim neighbors begin the holy month of Ramadan, we explore what Islam has to offer Unitarian Universalists. How might wisdom from Islam inspire us in our ethical and spiritual lives? Rev. Elizabeth will draw on her seminary studies of Islam and her relationship … read more.