Rev. Dr. Gregory C. Carrow-Boyd

“Association Sunday”

While the central practice of our faith is individuals joining together to make promises to one another, the power of our faith is those communities working together to ensure no one is left on the margins. The living manifestation of this power is our Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA). From our meeting of congregations annually at […]


The Jewish High Holy Days continue this Sunday as we spotlight Yom Kippur, which begins on October 4th. The holiest day of the Jewish liturgical year, Yom Kippur invites faithful observers to atone and repent for behavior that broke relationship with one another and the divine throughout the previous year. In so doing, the holiday […]


Rosh HaShanah, the festival marking the beginning of the Jewish liturgical calendar, commences on September 25th this year. For faithful observers, the first afternoon often involves symbolically removing sin through the practice of casting stones or bread crumbs into flowing water called Tashlikh. Adaptations of this practice have made their way to many Unitarian Universalist […]


Sometimes, the world is just too much; there is just too much to do; and, everything is moving just too fast. In those times, we must decide how to keep moving onward toward the Beloved Community. Circle round for a service of plotting how to keep choosing connection when everything around us is just too […]

“Welcome Back”

Multigenerational Service. All are welcome to our annual ingathering service celebrating returning to the rhythms of the congregational year and our water ritual. Please bring water from a place that holds great meaning or spiritual significance for you. Children and youth of all ages will help to get our congregational year off to a great […]