Speaker: Lay-led service

“Playing with Wonder” 

This is the second of our 5-part summer series inviting self-reflection and participation as we explore different ways to engage our imagination. 

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“From Homeless to Home”

Chalice’s Social Justice and Service Team shares our October 2019 experience as 25 Chalice congregants built a home for a housing-challenged family in Tijuana through Casas de Luz organization. From our place of privilege we take housing for granted. What does it mean to go … read more.

“Letting Go” All-Church Service

We celebrate the coming new year by considering what burdens we might want to release in order to continue our life’s journey less encumbered. Our ritual will invite you to let go of something weighing you down, and also to affirm what you want more … read more.

“Join the Climate Strike”

A worldwide climate strike is planned for Friday, September 20. This morning’s service calls us to understand the dangers of climate crisis and lifts up the outrage of continued inaction.