Please Join in Our Water Ritual

In this pandemic time, you are invited to participate in a communal but solitary water ritual. Bring a small amount of water from your home.


  • Tree at the center of the Chalice courtyardIf you live outside Escondido or are otherwise unable to get to the Chalice campus, simply find a spot of earth near your home.
  • At our Chalice campus in Escondido, find the central tree in our courtyard (this is the tree that existed before construction).
  • Or find another place that speaks to you on the Chalice campus where you would like to pour your water.


Take a moment to envision the people of the Chalice community around you. You may speak these words aloud or hold them in your heart.

I commit to trying to speak honestly, to act with compassion, to love without prejudice, to live with integrity, and to respond with courage to the demands of justice.

I pledge to support my fellow Chalice congregants in our search for truth, to celebrate with them in times of joy, to help them in times of trouble, and to join with them in rightful action.

In our work together across the generations, may we become a more effective instrument of service; a voice for liberation, reason and respect; and a community in which we can honor all that life brings to us.

May it be so.

Pour your water.