Transformation Team Update

(Mission: Through education, self-reflection, and social action, the Transformation Team will assist the congregation to identify and dismantle white supremacy culture and racism at Chalice and the world.)
During last Sunday’s Worship Service, Reverend Sharon and the Team urged congregants to take the Implicit Association Test at It is a clever and validated way to measure the strength of associations between concepts (e.g., Black or White folks) and evaluations (e.g., good or bad). The test promotes self-awareness and understanding, as implicit preferences for majority groups (e.g., White folks) are common because of strong negative associations with Black people in American society.

What can I do about an implicit preference that I don’t want? (from the website)

We encourage people to focus on strategies that deny implicit biases the chance to operate. One strategy is ensuring that implicit biases don’t leak out in the first place. To do that, you can “blind” yourself from learning a person’s gender, race, etc. when you’re making a decision about them (e.g., having their name removed from the top of a resume). If you only evaluate a person on the things that matter for a decision, then you can’t be swayed by demographic factors. Another strategy is to compensate for your implicit preferences. For example, if you have an implicit preference for young people you can try to be friendlier toward elderly people. Although it has not been well-studied outside of the lab, based on what we know about how implicit biases form we also recommend that people consider what gets into their minds in the first place. For example, this could mean going out of your way to watch television programs and movies that portray women and minority group members in positive or counter-stereotypical ways.

We also recommend this 36-minute episode of the NPR podcast “Hidden Brain:” The Air We Breathe: Implicit Bias And Police Shootings

Do you want to discuss your Implicit Association test result with the Transformation Team and other congregants? We can arrange a Zoom Meeting! Let us know at Also let us know if you are interested in joining the Team.

Look for future announcements (including a Common Read recommendation) and thanks for having open hearts and open minds!