Board President’s Message – July 2020

What is Chalice?

For the last six years our focus has been on construction and decisions on how best to use and update our new campus. Now, in a moment, that’s been removed from us. Or at least, for a while. If it had burned down, we would be focused on rebuilding bigger and better. Our path forward would be clear and unambiguous.

Instead we’ve been dispersed by the pandemic, prohibited from meeting in large groups. It will likely be a year or more before we meet on campus. We now exist online with forays into real life for groceries and other events.

Let’s add the most public unrest in fifty years over the killing of people of color particularly black men, dismantling white supremacy culture, the upcoming election and, just for fun, murder hornets.

But this upheaval creates an opportunity for growth and change. Without our campus, What is Chalice? What’s our mission and vision in these new times?

IMAGINE: One year from now, in the face of big challenges and a changed landscape, Chalice is thriving as never before. The ministries have flourished. Relationships within and beyond the congregation are flourishing. And, looking back, members say, “The Board and the Minister led us through the storm, and we are better for it.”

What would need to happen for that to be true? This isn’t a rhetorical question. I’m asking you, what would need to happen for this to be true? Think about it. We’ll be in touch.

Dean Goddette Chalice Board President