Congregation President’s Message for Sept. 2018 Newsletter


Julie and I purchased beautiful new Chrysler Minivan, expressly to support our full-time job as transporters of grandchildren. It’s a remarkable piece of engineering and much more advanced than the Prius it replaced. The Instruction Manual is only available online and is over 600 pages. I can drive the car pretty well without the Manual, but couldn’t possibly understand the many new safety features, the self-parking feature, Apple CarPlay, or the video theater system in the second row. (Our grandkids travel first-class.) So, to fully take advantage of the car’s potential, I had to read the instructions.

Here is my take on the Chalice UU Instruction Manual.
1. A Chalice UU will only buy a new car every 10 years and only hybrids or electric cars are acceptable.
2. NPR is the only radio station a good Chalice UU will listen to. If you get SiriusXM you may occasionally listen to the 60s on 6.
3. After multiple attempts to memorize our 7 UU Principles, it is acceptable to simply read them in the hymnal.
4. Unitarian Universalists will always support the underdog and protect those who try, try and fail. Yes, I’m talking about the Padres.
5. Hope is an important Chalice UU characteristic as in “I hope to live long enough to see the Multipurpose Building”.
6. Reverend Sharon’s Sunday sermons are thoughtful and well-prepared. In the event of a wandering mind, a good Chalice UU will review each of them at home on Facebook.
7. Chalice UUs enthusiastically support the Mission of the Congregation (Open hearts, open Minds, open doors, nurturing spirits, and seeking justice in the wider world) and demonstrate this by making huge annual pledges.
8. Chalice UUs like their coffee strong and their chocolate bars dark.
9. The “Interdependent Web of Existence (our 7th Principle) is a unique UU trademark. It flows from the start of time, to the current moment and into the future. Chalice UUs obsess about this until their head hurts.
10. Membership is available to any person. Chalice UUs, whether Members or Friends, are part of one glorious, happy, spiritual family. However, Members get to vote, be on the Board of Trustees, and get their very own copy of the UU World. What are you waiting for?

Chalice UUs also have a good sense of humor and appreciate the gift of having a stable, strong spiritual home. Let’s continue to work together and support and love one another though our upcoming Phase One Renovation project.