Expectations at Chalice

Beloved community,

Those of you who have become Chalice members in the past few years have received a handout about membership expectations. Bu those of you who have been Chalice members for longer than that have likely never seen this information! I’m including it here as my monthly message because I think it’s important to know what you can expect at Chalice, as well as what Chalice expects from you.

What You Can Expect From Chalice

Expect to Keep Learning. Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors…Chalice is a community that values learning and curiosity. We aren’t here to impose answers on each other, but to explore together.

Expect to Deepen Your Sense of Belonging. If you worship regularly, stay for coffee and conversation, participate in a small group, and volunteer when you can, you can expect to build connections and to begin to develop friendships.

Expect to Receive Care. Fill out a candle card on Sunday mornings. Attend a support group. Schedule time to meet with Rev. Sharon. Visit with a Lay Chaplain.

Expect Seasons of Discomfort. The theological diversity of our individual beliefs means that each of us will have times of feeling alone. And at church, we will meet people we like, but we will also meet people we don’t like.

Any meaningful spiritual journey has times of restlessness. Staying engaged through your discontent will deepen your relationship to Unitarian Universalism.

Nuts and Bolts

  • Expect to receive an updated member directory annually
  • Expect to receive quarterly pledge statements

What Chalice Expects of Members

Abide by Covenant

  • You are expected to follow Chalice covenant and policies
  • You are expected to strive to live our Unitarian Universalist principles

Attend and Participate

  • You are expected to attend Sunday worship regularly
  • You are expected to participate, when possible, outside of attending Sunday morning worship. You are strongly encouraged to join a small group that meets regularly
  • When possible, you are expected to attend and vote at Chalice’s annual meeting

Serve the Congregation and Community

  • When possible, volunteer with our quarterly service projects
  • Share your gifts and talents with the congregation
  • Reach out to other congregants with care and support

Support the Congregation Financially

  • You are required to make an annual pledge (or to request a financial waiver from the minister)
  • You are encouraged to pledge 3-5% of your income

Nuts and Bolts

  • You are expected to ensure that Chalice has your current contact information
  • You are expected to notify Rev. Sharon if you no longer wish to be a member


Bright blessings, Sharon