Let’s Talk About Fires

Beloved community,

Let’s talk about fires.

In 2007, wildfires in San Diego forced every single member of my immediate family to evacuate their homes. Living near SDSU, my husband, Peter, and I were the only ones not evacuated. There was a moment in time when it seemed that fires might even come that far south, and I remember thinking, “There’s almost no place left to evacuate.”

I have relatives who refuse to evacuate when requested. Some of them can be talked into leaving. Others refuse and insist on staying to “defend” their home. Any time there is a fire, we argue about this.

It’s important to me that you know this because there will undoubtedly be times in the future when many of us are evacuated from our homes because of wildfire, and I cannot state strongly enough how much I encourage each of us to evacuate when requested.

Each time there is a wildfire, authorities remind us to please evacuate when requested. People who refuse to leave their homes are a distraction to fire fighters. And people who say “I’ll know when it’s time to leave” are counting on finding cleared roads and a safe way to exit their area.

I understand that our homes are important to each of us, but nothing is so important as our safety and wellbeing. And the best way we can support our fire fighters and other first responders is by following their instructions.

In the event you are ever evacuated from your home, please find a way to let me know. You can call, text, or email me directly, or you can also call the church office and leave a message. If you are on Facebook, you can post your status directly to Chalice’s page, so the community knows that you are okay. It is important in times of uncertainty and crisis that we are intentional about staying connected.

Bright blessings, Sharon