“If all congregants volunteered time and donated no money, churches would cease to exist. Likewise, if all congregants donated money and volunteered no time, churches would cease to exist. Both kinds of giving are important to create and sustain a vibrant and thriving religious community.”   ~~ Rev. Sharon Wylie

Generosity is a spiritual practice in all the world’s major faith traditions. At Chalice, we hope to guide you in finding volunteer opportunities that will nourish you spiritually. We also hope your commitment to our mission will extend to financial support.

Your Pledge Is Important

“We give to the work of Chalice Congregation. Our work weaves the fabric of love called community. To this end, we dedicate ourselves and this, our offering.”

Chalice’s operating budget supports:

  • Our full-time senior minister
  • Our paid staff, including our office administrator, music director, and director of family ministries
  • Our monthly mortgage payment
  • Upkeep of our facilities
  • The promotion of liberal religion in North San Diego County.

This entire operating budget comes from the donations of our Members and Friends.

Although one-time donations of any kind are always welcome, the reliability of monthly pledging allows Chalice to plan our spending for the fiscal year with confidence.

Members in financial hardship may request a waiver of the annual financial pledge from Rev. Sharon Wylie.


Read more about pledging and submit your pledge at our pledging website.