We look forward to welcoming you as a Sunday pulpit guest!

The following is our congregation’s standard order of service. We do not change our liturgy for pulpit guests.

Gathering Song “You Are Welcome Here”
Welcome words, including intro to pulpit guest (worship associate)
Chime (video)
Land Acknowledgement (video)
Chalice Lighting words (worship associate)
Call to Worship (worship associate or pulpit guest)
Hymn #1
Joys and Sorrows (worship associate)
Story (video)
Singing out the children (9 a.m. service only)
Reading (if the pulpit guest provides one, could be spoken or video)
Sermon (pulpit guest)
Hymn #2
Offering (words, music, affirmation) (worship associate)
Special music or Interlude music
Prayer (worship associate or pulpit guest)
Hymn #3
Closing words and chalice extinguishing (worship associate)
Closing song “The Well”