Category: From the Board President

President’s Message for February 2023

What a Saturday! I had my usual morning coffee and mini-cinnamon roll but then I participated in Chalice’s annual board retreat with the Coordination Team to set congregational goals for the following year. We met in the rainbow room at Chalice and the retreat was … read more.

President’s Message for September, 2022

Let me start by congratulating Rev. Dr. Gregory C. Carrow-Boyd, our sabbatical minister, on the occasion of his ordination by the Harrisburg Unitarian Universalist Church in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on August 20, 2022. How fortunate we are to have Rev. Greg as our sabbatical minister at … read more.

President’s Column for August

I recently returned from a vacation including a family reunion, a trip through rural upstate New York, and visits with old childhood friends along the way. It is nice to connect with the past and reminisce, but mostly I delighted in seeing new grandchildren and … read more.

President’s Column for July 2022

Greetings everyone, and a special welcome to our new Board and committee members. Thank you to all for a successful Congregational meeting last month. In addition to the usual Board and budget approvals, we approved a new Mission Statement and adopted a new Eighth Principle. … read more.