From the Board President

President’s Message for June, 2022

There is an excellent article in the UU World this month entitled Snapshot in Time: A Different Church by Gail Geisenhainer.  It is a story about a lesbian woman who goes to a UU church in Maine in the 1980’s for the first time.  She fears she will be ostracized but she is not. In […]

President’s Message for May 2022

Hopefully by now most of you have seen or heard our newly proposed mission statement.


With love at the center, the mission of this congregation is to…


INSPIRE individual and communal spiritual growth,

CONNECT through worship, music, learning, and caring ministries, and

ACT to promote UU principles in ourselves and in the wider world


Recently, I was […]

President’s Column for April, 2022

At the last Board of Trustees meeting Kate Vereb gave this reading. I liked it so much that I decided I wanted to share it with you.


Community Means Strength

By Starhawk


We are all longing to go home to some place

we have never been—a place half-remembered and half-envisioned

we can only catch glimpses of from time to time.


Somewhere, […]

President’s Message for March, 2022

Over the last couple of months, the Mission Statement Task Force has put a survey in most of the weekly E-Nuus for everyone’s participation.  Refer to the February 17th E-Nuus for the last survey which also includes all the previous ones.  It’s still not too late to take the quizzes if you’d like. It has […]

President’s Message for February, 2022

Dear Chalice Members and Friends,

I don’t know about you, but I am finding this pandemic ever more disheartening. As many of you know, I am a physician, an obstetrician with an entirely hospital-based practice.  We are seeing so much Covid right now.  Every day I am donning up in a gown, an N95 mask, gloves, […]

President’s Message for December, 2021

Hello all at Chalice,


This month’s column is an update on some actions of the board of trustees. The board a few months ago created two task forces. One task force was charged with the task of educating themselves and the congregation about the 8th principle with the end goal of adopting it next year. The […]

President’s Message for September 2021

One of the goals for the Board this year is as follows. “Support the Outreach team to make Chalice more visible to the outside Community and encourage growth, with a goal of diversifying membership”


Our current membership at Chalice includes 130 members, 9 non-voting members, 5 member emeritus and 39 pledging friends, totalling 183. According to […]

President’s Message for August, 2021

Do you know what our mission statement is here at Chalice?

Let me see if I can tell you without looking it up. Open doors, open hearts, open minds,…and then something about seeking justice to the wider world.

I remember when we, as a congregation, created it. I remember really enjoying the process.  Except the long discussion […]

Board President’s Message – July 2020

What is Chalice?

For the last six years our focus has been on construction and decisions on how best to use and update our new campus. Now, in a moment, that’s been removed from us. Or at least, for a while. If it had burned down, we would be focused on rebuilding bigger and better. Our […]

President’s Message – January 2020

Happy New Year! I’m excited about 2020 for a couple of reasons. For one, it’s nice to have a decade that’s easier to talk about. “The twenties” is so much easier than either “the aughts” or the “the tens (or teens)”. The second and bigger reason is that January 1, 2020 marks the twentieth anniversary […]