President’s Message for June, 2024

I hope to see you at our Annual Congregational meeting following the second service on Sunday, June 9. On May 22, everyone was emailed all the information from the meeting. As we have many votes this meeting, a summary is included below.

Congregational Vote on New Vision Statement and Bylaws Changes

We are thrilled to announce that our dedicated Visioning Task Force has completed their work on a new vision statement for our congregation. This vision statement encapsulates our shared values, hopes, and aspirations, guiding us as we strive to create a more inclusive, loving, and just community.

The proposed vision statement reads as follows:

Chalice UU Congregation is a place where

we can be in community with others who share a thirst for justice in the world,

our hearts and minds can be opened and transformed,

we celebrate diversity, creativity, inspiration, joy, and hope, and

we are encouraged and supported to develop and share our unique talents.

In addition to the new vision statement, the Board of Trustees has recommended important changes to our bylaws to better reflect our evolving community and governance needs. These changes are designed to enhance our decision-making processes and ensure that our structure supports our mission effectively.

1. Reduce the number of the Board of Trustees from 9 to 7. This change would align the size of our Board to the recommended number by the UUA. A smaller Board would allow us to more effectively manage tasks and free up leaders of the congregation for other roles.

2. Pro-forma amendments to the Bylaws. These include things like formatting, clarification, and other updates that are common sense for our Congregation. For example, someone has to be in good standing with the congregation in order to become a member.

On June 9, we kindly ask that you refrain from proposing any amendments to the wording of the vision statement or the bylaws changes. The Visioning Task Force, Bylaws Task Force and the Board of Trustees have worked diligently to craft these documents with great care and consideration, incorporating feedback from numerous discussions and consultations. We believe the proposed statements reflect the collective wisdom and aspirations of our community.

We encourage you to review the proposed vision statement and bylaws changes in detail before the meeting from the email sent on May 22. Contact the Office Administrator if you need a copy and please print your own from home to bring to the meeting.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to our congregation. It’s been a pleasure to serve our community and I know that Lara Brown will be an amazing next Chalice President.

In love and service,