Minister’s Message for June, 2024

As was emailed to the congregation on May 21:

The relationship between minister and congregants is a special one. It is my great privilege to be part of your lives. I am available to meet with you to provide pastoral counseling and care in times of distress, indecision, theological wondering, or just to get to know you.

We can talk on the phone, on zoom, meet at your home, or meet at Chalice.

Consider meeting with me when you or a loved one:

  • Have been diagnosed or are living with a serious illness
  • Are going into the hospital
  • Have a relationship in trouble
  • Are coping with a personal loss
  • Have had a death in the family
  • Want to discuss an addiction issue
  • Are struggling with mental illness
  • Want to talk about your spiritual journey
  • Have vocational, ethical, or religious questions
  • Want to plan your wedding
  • Need to plan a memorial service
  • Or just feel like it!