President’s Column for July, 2023

If you want to build a boat, do not instruct the people to saw wood, stitch the sails, prepare the tools, and organize the work, but make them long for setting sail and travel to distant lands.

-Antoine de Saint-Exupery

It has been an honor to go into my 4th consecutive year of service on the Board, and I have some unique ideas for how to make Board service more attractive for those who are interested in leadership and more satisfying for those who already stepped forward to serve. This includes shorter Board meetings with greater engagement and giving everyone the opportunity to contribute and be recognized for their unique gifts. Knowing that we grow as individuals through service, I will build in opportunities for self-reflection and developing our best selves through authentic group connection. Most importantly, I want this work to move towards a shared vision of what Chalice will be like in the coming years.

It’s worth it to point out that there are many working parents on this year’s Board (including myself), and I want folks to feel like they can serve our community while still managing the demands that come with work and family.  A Board Buddy system that I have implemented pairs a seasoned leader with a newcomer to help get up to speed on policy governance and how things work so we can quickly launch our Board goals. 

Another idea I am working on is building out a Past President’s Club with fun activities and opportunities to share advice from our wonderful leaders who have served in an enhanced role. I am confident that a Board that feels cohesive, interesting, and fulfilling will glean great rewards for our community.

Join me as we set sail.

In love and service,