series “Listening to Black Preachers”

“Looking for Shark Teeth”

We don’t have to look hard to find joyous, enlightening and affirming things in our everyday lives. Who knows what can be revealed to us if we take the time to pay attention to the moment we are in and then . . . pause. Come and hear a summer story about the wonder in […]


Who are reckonings on race and histories of oppression really aimed at and what do they accomplish?

Rev. Dyer is the Lead Minister at First Parish in Cambridge Unitarian Universalist, Cambridge, MA and a Harvard University Chaplain. He is the author of Love Beyond God, a collection of meditations focused on Black identity and liberal religion. […]

“Living Into Possibility: A Womanist Faith”

Writer Alice Walker introduced the term “womanist” to our lexicon nearly 40 years ago, describing the experiences of Black women at the intersection of gender, race, class, culture, and sexuality. Today’s service explores womanist theology and faith that has infused individual lives, communities, and even the life of our nation.


Rev. Jacqueline Brett is the newly […]

“What to BIPOC is Unitarian Universalism?”

Please note: This sermon will NOT be available on YouTube after the service.


In 1852, the great orator Frederick Douglass was invited to give a speech in his hometown commemorating the 4th of July. In his speech, Douglass spoke of the aspirations for freedom central to the founding of the nation – and then he asked, “What […]

“The Grace in Gratitude”

In November most people look forward to gathering around the family table in celebration of the American Holiday of Thanksgiving. How accurate are the stories that we learned as children about the first harvest feast held in 1621 from the reality of that day? How can we honor both family traditions and memories of native […]