series “Listening to Black Preachers


Isabel Wilkerson writes: “Caste is the granting or withholding of respect, status, honor, attention, privileges, resources, the benefit of the doubt, and human kindness to someone on the basis of their perceived rank or standing in the hierarchy.” Today Rev. John will discuss the realities of caste and how we can dismantle it in ourselves and society at […]

“The First Shall Be Last and the Last First”

Our first UU principle focuses on the individual’s worth and dignity. The seventh speaks to the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part. What might be the impact on our collective orientation to life if the last was first and the first was last? Rev. Walter LeFlore is the Developmental Minister at […]

“Diversity and Difference”

How do we respect our independence and individuality while also honoring the ways that we are all interdependent on each other? Rev. Kimberly Johnson serves as minister of the UU Congregation of the South Fork on the east end of Long Island in Bridgehampton, New York.


This is the fourth sermon in our 10-part sermon series […]

“The Good Samaritan”

Ever wonder if there might be more to the well known and beloved biblical parable “The Good Samaritan”? Well, I’ve come to view it in a whole new way lately. Come explore with me and see if this exploration impacts your understanding of the parable in any way.


Rev. Margalie Belizaire is the Settled Minister of […]

“We Are What We Witness”

Gregory C. Carrow-Boyd, pulpit guest
Unitarian Universalists witness for justice across the generations through our social justice statements. Both where we have been loud and where we have been silent tell us which of our actions are on the side of justice. Gather for a service of clarifying who we must be in a world […]