Spirit of Chalice (SOC) meets weekly from September to June, to sing, play games, learn about music, and have fun! Rehearsals are Sunday mornings at 1030 am in the Cottage, and typically last 30 minutes. Children will be escorted to their parent or guardian, or to the childcare area in the Common Room after rehearsals.

New and returning members are encouraged to join – no experience necessary! This group is most appropriate for children kindergarten age and up. The ability to read is helpful but not required- non-readers may benefit from extra help at home to practice the songs in between rehearsals.


Regular attendance at SOC rehearsals will help the group achieve its goals! The directors appreciate efforts to make regular attendance at rehearsals a priority for each family!


All children are asked to be active participants in rehearsals. Any child who is causing a disruption to the group, or is unwilling or unable to participate with the group, will be counseled verbally. If the child continues to disrupt the group or declines to participate, they will be escorted out to join their parent or guardian, or wait to be picked up from the childcare area in the Common Room. Any child who has been excused from the group is welcome to return at the next rehearsal.


SOC typically performs for the congregation several times throughout the year. On performance days, the group will meet at 8:30 am in the Chapel and will sing at both services. Children will be excused from the second service after their performance. The normally scheduled rehearsals will not occur on performance days.

Feel free to contact the Spirit of Chalice co-leaders for further information.
Sarah Shapard *** shapardpalmer@yahoo.com *** 760-889-0108
Amy Throckmorton *** amythrockmorton@gmail.com ***858-243-6594

Sarah Shapard
Sarah Shapard


Amy Throckmorton
Amy Throckmorton